For some years the DSHS has been providing historically-themed menus for the Summit Restaurant in Soda Springs, just at the freeway exit. We've covered all kinds of topics which you can see in the descriptions below. When you click on the link you'll open the PDF of menu. It's too large for you print since the menues are all printed as tabloids.

Summit Restaurant Menues
Summit Restaurant Winter, '13 Short History of Donner Summit Lodge; Extraordinary Donner Summit (all of the firsts for Donner Summit); The Coming of Modern Skiing (lots of pictures from the Norm Sayler Collection); Sugar Bowl Acquires Royal Gorge and the new GM, JoJo Toepner; Dutch Flat Donner Lake Wagon Rd. (including Stampeding oxen and blindfolded mules); The First Ski Lifts

Summit Restaurant Summer, '13 Donner Summit Lodge, a Short History; Summit Valley, Sierra Jewel; Native Americans of Summit Valley; Mortars and Metates in Summit Valley; Map of Summit Valley; History of ; Van Norden Dam; Summit Valley in the Old Days (1869 pictures); Petroglyphs; the "Earie" tree; The Sheep Industry in Summit Valley(and the underpass for sheep under I-80

Summit Restaurant Winter, 13-14 Donner Summit Lodge, a Brief History; The lincoln Highway on Donner Summit; The Beauty of Donner Pass; Driving Was Fun in Those Days (1901); Advice for Travelers from the Official Guide to the Lincoln Highway; By Motor Bicycle over Donner Summit; The First Auto Crossing of Donner Summit; Before the Underpass - getting over the tracks; Inspiration for hte Interstate Highway System; California Speed Limits

Summit Restaurant Summer, '14 Donner Summit Lodge, a Short History; Snow - Not a Problem on Donner Summit; Snowshed Stories; Snowshed Problems; Snowshed Fires; Bucker Plows; What's in Your Closet (an exhortation to save history); Looking for a Snowshed Job? The Snowsheds and the views.

Summit Restaurant Winter, '14 A short History of Donner Summit Lodge; It Wasn't Always Easy to Get Over Donner Summit; Snow Shoveling Bee's; Tahoe Tavern Silver Cup, 1911 (lots of pictures); Opening the roads; What's in Your Closet?

Summit Restaurant Winter, '15-'16 Donner Summit Lodge, a Short History (added text; Donner Summit is Magnificent (early quotes, paintings, photogrpaphy, commercial art; It Wasn't Just the Men (woman "transcontinentalists"; Before Donner Summit Lodge (the Fox Farm)