January, 2012: Finding Sierra SkiWays trails;Norden Store and Lodge; From the DSHS Archives; Then and Now with Art Clark; First Markings of the Donner Trail - Marshall Fey; Assembling California book review

February, 2012: Cisco Sled Pt II; Cisco Grove and Auburn Ski Club; Emigrant Trails - Coldstream Pass; A Visit to Donner Peak - 1849; Old Donner Summit by Jim White; Emil Papplau, Telemark King of Donner Summit; From the DSHS Archives; Then and Now with Art Clark; Book Review, The Look of the Elephant;more from Marshall Fey - Emigrant Trail

March, 2012: Albert Bierstadt at Donner Summit; Then and Now with Art Clark, Exploring the Emigrant Trail; Last Blacksmith Shop on Donner Summit; From the DSHS Archives; Trancontinental Travel Times (in the old days); Book Review, Hard Road West; From the Summit Hotel, 1883; and miscellaneous

April, 12: Robbery $1000 REWARD, History of the Norden, CA post office, magnificent USGS 1867 photo of the east end of Tunnel 6, from the DSHS Archives, Then and Now with Art Clark, Lake Mary by Bob Williams, Plains Across book review, Discovery of Roller Pass, Across Donner Summit from Western Skiing Magazine, 1946

May, 12 Tunel 6 today - introduction to the next few months; Tunnel 6 Portolio; Tunnel 6 Central Shaft; San Francisco to New York by Railroad, 1870; Alder Creek Trail by Marshall Fey (the Donners) ;from the DSHS Archives; Then and Now with Art clark; 20 Mile Museum on the Nat'l Geographic Geotourism map --- 16 pages!!

June, '12 Tunnel 6 - the transcontinental tunnel PT II; The Ice Question Again, an ice melting contest in 1870; Summit Fish Stocking; LincolnHighway, 1915; Then and Now; Old Greenwood book review; Hidden Wonder of the World ---- 13 pages

July, '12: Tunnel 6 - The Building; Chinese workers; Drilling in granite; Summit Summers 1871, 1885, 1872; Stephens Pass Reconfirmed (by Marshall Fey); From the DSHS Archives; High Road to Promintory - book review; Then and Now

August, '12 Tunnel 6 - The Meaning; Nitroglycerine use and why they stopped (with good quotes: "...as if the whole artillery of heaven was in play...Huge masses of rock and debris were rent and heaved up..."); From the DSHS Archives; A Trip to Castle Peak, 1866; A Great and Shining Road book review; Then and Now with Art Clark; New Exhibits; Roller Pass sign installed; Summit Pioneer Award, 2012

September, 2012: This is a catch-up issue of a number of "orphan" pieces. There are general notes about Tunnel 6 research, the celbration upon the completion of the railroad, a robber hiding out on Summit Valley, sheep in Van Norden Meadow, Across the Continent in 1915, Empire Express book review, Riding over Donner Summt in 1869, the First Annual Margie Powell Memorial Hike, Then and Now, new drilling displays, the Royal Gorge Acquistion, and Musical Mystery Experience

The Heirloom for October, 2012: Our 50th issue! This Time of Year - ruminations on and a quote about reaching California by wagon, Mystery of the Postcards - T.C. Wohlbruck Pt I A Legacy in Photos, Then and Now, The DSHS Archives, Thug Killed in Raid on Store, Coast to Coast by Automobile - a book review.

The Heirloom for November, 2012: T.C. Wohlbruck, A Legacy in Photos; The Pioneer Monument and T.C. Wohlbruck; Rascal Killed by Chinese; We Go to Cisco 1939; Ever Wonder When You Will Die? Donner Pass News 1947

The Heirloom for December, 2012: Auburn Ski Club Popularized Winter Sports with a ski jumping exhibition in Berkeley; T.C. Wohlbruck, collector (and lots of pictures); From the DSHS Archives, old snow machines; Video review of the Transcontinental Railroad; Then and Now; "Fell from Train (1895)

Our 20 Mile Museum is featured on the National Geographic GeouTourism Sierra Nevada map.

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