Monthly, The Heirloom reviews books that have to do with Donner Summit's history or the history of the local area. The pages linked here are to the reviews taken from the Heirloom. All of the books have at least some relevance to the Donner Summit area.

Emigrant Trails

Indifferent Stars Above - Donner Party
Look of the Elephant
So Rugged and Mountainous
Truckee's Trail - Stephens Party
Across the Plains, 1850
The Plains Across Overland Emigrants
Following Sarah (1850 journey from Michigan to California)
Hard Road West
Old Greenwood
Fearful Crossing: Central Overland Trail Through Nevada
Trail of the First Wagons
     Over the Sierra Nevada

Tail of the Elephant (Emigrant Experience
With Golden Visions Bright Before Them Trails to the Mining West 1849-1852
Desperate Passage -Donner Party
Emigrants Guide to California,
     1849 (just in case you want to go)
Emigrant's Guide, 1845 Lansford Hastings
From St. Louis to Sutter's Fort, 1846
History of the Donner Party
     C.F. McGlashan
Saving the Donner Party
     and Forlorn Hope

Donner Party: Weathering the Storm
Donner Party Chronicles
Ordeal By Hunger George R. Stewart
Best Land Under Heaven - Donner Party
Deceived the Story of the Donner Party
Opening of the California Trail,
    1885 by Moses Schallenberger
The California Trail George R. Stewart
Trail to California, an 1849 diary
Moses Schallenberger
     at Truckey's [sic] Lake

California Trail Map (1849) and Advice
Camp of Death - Donner Party

Donner Miscellany 41 Diaries & Documents

Ancient Rock Carvings
     of the Central Siera

The Martis: Ancient Tribe
     of the Sierra Nevada

Hidden Wonder of the World
Dead of Winter -
     The Donner Party
video review
Chinese Builders of Gold Mountain
Forgotten Journey - Stephens Party
PBS Home Video Transcontinental RR
American Road - Dwight Eisenhower's
     1919 trip over the Lincoln Highway

The Iron Horse - 1924
Sacramento and the Trans. RR
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Transcontinental RR
High Road to Promontory
Railroad Photos of Alfred A. Hart
Rails, Tails, and Trails
   CPRR Sacramento to Reno)
Donner Pass
     Southern Pacific's Sierra Crossing
A Great and Shining Road

Empire Express
Railroaded -Transcontinentals and the Making of America
Waiting for the Cars
Westward By Rail, 1871
Finding Hidden Voices of the
      Chinese Railroad Workers
Railroad Phootographs of Alfred A. Hart
Pacific Tourist, 1884
Race to Promontory (2018)
The Inside Man - Mark Hopkins
Iron Muse
Ghosts of Gold Mountain
The Chinese and the Iron Road

A Baggage Car with Lace Curtains
30 Years Over Donner
Bud and Me

Californian Pictures in Prose and Verse 1878
50 Years of Flight - Ski Jumping 1900-50

SnowBound - Legendary Winters.
Assembling California
Meadow Lake Gold Town
Twenty Miles from a Match
Sierra Stories
Walking Through Donner Summit History
Tahoe - A Visual History
From Longboards to the Olympics
What I Saw in California (1846)
Sierra Crossing First Roads to California
Cavalry Life in Tent & Field
    (1894 about an army wife 1868-1885)
    Includes a trip on the stage from Cisco
    over Donner Summit in 1868)
Carleton E. Watkins - The Complete
    Mammoth Photographs
Amateur Emigrant - Rob't Louis Stevenson
Scotty Allen, King of the Dog Team Drivers
Gold, Men and Dogs auto bio of Scotty Allan
The Inventor and the Tycoon (Eadweard Muybridge)
River of Shadows - Muybridge
Around the World on a Wheel - 1899 and across the Sierra
Around the United States by Bicycle - 1904
    (and across Donner Summit)
A Broken Propeller - 1st Trans. Air Race

Our New West, 1869
     (19th CenturyTravelogue and RR booster
Marvels of the New West, 1888

Around the World By Bicycle, 1884
   The first trip over Donner Summit, across
     the Continent and around the world by bikc.

Donner Pass and Those Who Crossed It
Storm George R. Stewart
10,000 Miles by Land and Sea (1876) -
     this is two excerpts about the
     Donner Party.

Grace and Grit -
      early women motorcyclists
Coast to Coast by Automobile
      pioneering trips 1899-1908
A Reliable Car
      and a Woman Who Knows It

Record Setting Trips by Auto from
     Coast to Coast, 1909-1916

To Donner Pass from the Pacific
The Good of It All (1914 trip)

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