Here is history you can download. As we print more, we'll be posting more. Meanwhile are newsletters are a great source of stories and pictures about Donner Summit history. We have compiled indices of the stories and pictures to make it easy for you to peruse.

Introduction to Donner Summit - lots of picures

The Ice in Ice Lakes - a booklet about the Summit Ice Co.: Who, when, where, etc.
The Ice in Ice Lakes - placemat size paper with short pieces on the Summit ice industry
Petroglyphs - a quick explanation and some pictures of Donner Summit petroglyphs
The stories of Leland and Jane Stanford: beginning, middle, and end
The story of Lola Montez (we have lakes named after her), sources, map, and pictures

The UpSki - the first ski lift on Donner Summit - maybe the first dedicated ski lift in CA
The Osborn letter: 1917 letter summarizing 1849 wagon trip across the country
Donner Summit's Scenic Highway 40 bypass - maps and and Summit points of interest
Camping in the Sierra - an 1873 account of a trip to Donner Summit to go camping. They visit Summit Valley, Soda Springs, and Tinkers Knob. They see a grizzly, discover gold and enjoy the magnificence of the Sierra Summit.
Hiking the Three Donner Passes by Marshall Fey, eminent Emigrant Trail historian.
Emigrant Map and Advice to Emigrants, 1849

Now that you've perused the above, you should know the really best source of stories is the almost 100 editions of the Heirloom. Each is full of Donner Summit history stories and old photographs. Take a look at the article and picture indices on each Heirloom page. The annual Heirloom pages also list all the stories in each monthly Heirloom. Then you might like to subsribe - for free. You'll see links.
newsletter page - best take off point for stories and pictures of Donner Summit history
browse the article and picture indices

Highway 40 - Take old 40 instead of I-80

Walking Through Donner Summit History is a book covering ten walks and all the history stories that go with them.

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