Below are links to collections of historical Donner Summit photographs.

Gallery I - early Donner Summit 34 photographs
Galley II - Donner Summit around the turn of the 20th Century 21 photographs
Gallery III - Donner Summit mid 20th Century 38 phooographs.
Gallery IV - miscellaneous Donner Summit (mostly 30's & 40's) 48 photographs
Gallery V - some miscellaneous photograph Norm likes off Donner Summit (20 photos)

Gallery VI - sampling of petroglyphs of Donner Summit - be sure to check out the links under the gallery.

See also:
Eric Johnson art gallery
Tunnel 6 Contemporary photographs

Art Clark's Then & Now's of Donner Summit - a large collection of old photographs that "morph" into the same views today. You need Flash to play these.

Cisco Grove
Annual Donner Summit Historical Society Posters

Most of the photographs in the galleries II, III, IV and V come from Norm Sayler's collection at the Donner Summit Historical Society. You can browse the collection, which contains thousands of pictures, by coming in and pulling out the many binders.