We started a tradition in 2009 of designing Historical Society posters. The 2009 poster commemorates the Donner Summit Rainbow Bridge built in 1926 (December, 08 newsletter). The 2010 poster commemorates the Central Pacific's Tunnel 6, the longest of the 15 Sierra transcontinental tunnels (see May-August '12 newsletters and the exhibits page). The 2011 poster commemorates Donner Summit firsts: 1st transcontinental RR, highway, air route; and the first wagon trains to California (see page 1 and page 2 of our Donner Summit brochure). 2012's poster celebratest the Chinese railroad workers (see the exhibits page). 2013 is about Summit Valley (Summit Valley exhibits and Summit Vallley brochure front and back). 2014's poster is about the iconic Donner Summit snowsheds (see the snowsheds of Donner Pass brochure (page one and page two) 2015 is about the first bicyclist over the summit and around the world (March, '15 newsletter).

The "Historic Route 40" poster commemorates Old Highway 40 for which we have a brochure enabling you to travel from Rocklin to Truckee via Old 40 rather than using I-80.

Left is the commemorative poster for Sugar Bowl's 70th anniversary. This goes with our October/November/December '09 newsletters.

An interesting pair of posters we made some years ago is about Start's Story. Starr Walton Hurley is a Summit resident. Her grandfather built the Soda Springs Hotel, her great uncle built Rainbow Tavern and Nyack Lodge, and her uncle was Dennis Jones. Starr was a champion skier and her Silver Belt story is memorialized in Starr's Story - poster 1 and poster 2. They are each 4 meg files. There is also a smaller HTML page of Starr's Story.

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