In recent years bicycling has become a very popular activity on Donner Summit. Road bikers love the ascents from either side and love even more the steep descents. On a nice day there are lots of road bicyclists conquering the Summit on Old Highway 40. Mountain bikers likewise bike the summit with the Hole in the Wall Trail being very popular.

Today's bicyclists are not the first to enjoy the challenge of biking on the summit. The first bicyclist to cross the summit with his bike was Thomas Stevens. Then for good measure he was the first to cross the continent with his bike and then he went around the world. You can read about his adventures in our book review of his book, Around the World By Bicycle in our March, '15 Heirloom. It's a good story. It's also on our book review page.

Another good summit bicycling story is about the Wilson Family. Returning to San Francisco by steamship after having biked to L.A. they found the railroad was on strike. They lived in Reno and wanted to go home. So they took their bikes, with their three-year-old on the handlebars, and biked over Donner Summit. That will be in an Heirloom someday and if the link is not made here when it is check our article index PDF.

Our March, '14 Heirlloom has a story about two fellow who took a nice bike/camping trip over the Summit in 1901.  The photo album of their trip was donated to the DSHS.

Our 2015 poster celebrates the various bicyclists who have crossd the summit under their own power.