January, '14: Junipers of Donner Summit Deja Vu; Postcard story Deja Vu; Clearing Old 40 in 1930; More Snow Removal; DSHS Archives; Then & Now; More on the Emigrant Traill; Railroad Photos of A.A. Hart - review; Heroism by the DSHS;

February, '14 Crossing the Summity by Rail, 1871; Summit Soda Springs (by Nick Chickering); Eric Johnson, Summit Artist; Alfred A. Hart photographs; How Photos Were Made in Those Days; Fromthe DSHS Archives; Westward By Rail (1871) book review; Then and Now, Memories of the Bowl (by Pat Malberg)

March, '14: Photos from 1901 newly acquired album of bike ride Sacto to Truckee; Summit Soda Springs, 1898; New Mountain Club, 1939; From the Archives of the DSHS; Wells Fargo book review; Then/Now

April, '14: When Dragons Ruled Donner Summit; Rainbow Tavern Reopens; Rainbow Tavern Today; Rainbow Tavern Stories; Rainbow Tavern Pictures; from the Archives of the DSHS (emigrant quotes Summit Valley, trail signs and map, and more; Rails, Tales, and Trails book review; New Brochures/ Then & Now

May, '14: Donner Pass Poetry; Stories to Come; Archives of the DSHS; Desperate Passage book review; Heroism on Donner Summit; Then & Now; Margie Powell Hike 2014; Dennis Jones Hall of Fame Applic.

June, '14: Kodak Picture Spot, Donner Summit (lots of art and pictures); 1st Motorized Transcontinental crossing; From the Archives of the DSHS; Fearful Crossing, book review; What to Take Hiking, 1915; Then & Now; Supervisors plan highway, 1910; Autoists Trip to Tahoe, 1910; Rainbow Tavern Reopens and many historic pictures; Margie Powell Hikie, 8/2,3

July, '14: Mark Twain on Donner summit; Mark Twain on Travel by Horseback; Mark Twain on Meadow Lake; Mark Twain on Stage Travel over Donner Summit; From the Archives of the DSHS; Cavalry Life in Tent and Field, book review: Donner Pass by Stage, 1868; Tahoe Tavern Endurance Run, 1911; Then & Now; Margie Powell Hike, 8/2,3; Heritage Trail, 8/2,3; Lake Mary Dinner 7/18; the 2014 DSHS poster

August, '14: First auto over Donner Summit; Meadow Lake Gold Town, book review; Then/Now; Archives of the DSHS; Margie Powell Hike, 8/2-3 What's in Your Closet; new history menu at the Summit Restaurant; 2014 poster; Donner Party Hikes, Oct. 4/5; thanks to current donors

September, '14: What's in Your Closet #2; A Visit to Meadow Lake (Pt I); Forest Find; Archives of the DSHS; Interesting Find in Summit Valley; Emigrant's Guide to California (book review); Then & Now; Donner Party Hikes Oct. 4/5; New 20 Mile Museum sign - Pioneer Monument; Margie Powell Hike, 2014

October, '14: Meadow Lake to Phoenix Lake and what we found there; From the Archives of the DSHS; Across the Plains in 1850 (book review); Then & Now; What's in Your Closet #3; Norm Sayler's 8th

November, '14 Dancing the "Juba"; Sugar Bowl Hits 75 Soda Springs Hits 80; Sugar Bowl and Hanness Schroll Spawn Ski Greats; Auburn Ski Club Ski Sport Museum at Boreal; DSHS Archives; Fashions, 1939; From St. Louis to Sutter's Fort, 1846; Then & Now; First Permanent Emigrant Trail Markers (by Marshall Fey) Addendum(The Fey article is an addendum to keep the newsletter of reasonable size.)

December, '14 Auburn Ski Club from California Ski News, 1930's; What's in Your closet; Getting to Donner Summit, 1930's; Where to Stay on Donner Summit, 1930's; California Highways and Public Works Magazine, 1936 & 1940 pictures; DSHS Archives; Sugar Bowl Opened 75 years ago; Video review - Abbott and Costello's Hit the Ice (filmed partly on Donner Summit); Then and Now; An Exceedingly Liberal Subsidy - snow clearing in the 1930's


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