January, 2013: Popularizing Winter Sports Pt II (Auburn Ski Club); Wendell Robie, Visionary; Roy Mikkelson Wins; Beacon Hill, AKA Soda Springs Ski Area; Donner Summit - Extraordinary; Then and Now with Art Clark; DSHS Archives; From Longboards to the Olympics, book review

February, 2013: History Preserved Pt I (Summit Vallley) - Native Americans and grinding rocks; Ski jumping at Treasure Island1939 (Auburn Ski Club); Then and Now; Railroaded (book review); DSHS Archives; Undercover at Sugar Bowl; Sled dog races coming 3/2-3; Advice Needed for new 20 Mile Museum signs

March, 2013: History Preserved Pt II - the geology of Summit Valley; Soda Springs Station in 1915 and 1870; How did they take those photographs? Then and Now; DSHS Archives; Waiting for the Cars (book review); Sierra Club's Peter Grubb Hut history

April 1, 2013: Restoration of Summit rock ads ( incredible before and after pictures); Then and Now; What I Saw in California (book review and really good Summit quotes); Just a Though by Marshall Fey; From the Archives; Name Change for Summit Valley Station (1875); We'll Build an Elevator; lots of photographs; new bird book- 19 pages!

May, 2013:History Preserved Part III: Van Norden Dam (with a picture of the original 1870 dam); How Van Norden was named; Summit Valley Ice Co.; Ice Production Patent; Roller Pass, 1849; Then and Now; Fromthe Archives of the DSHS; New Bird Book; New Lake Van Norden Dam 20 Mile Museum Sign; new brochure; Margie Powell Memorial Hike (2nd annual); The Most Beautiful Sign Stands - 16 pages.

June, 2013: History Preserved Pt IV, Views of Summit Valley in Prose and Pictures; Special Walk in Summit Valley, 1874; View from Fremont's Peak (a mystery); Recent History of Van Norden Dam; From the Archives of the DSHS, including a brochure for the Soda Springs Hotel, 1945 or so; Blue Canyon Shooting; 1923; Then and Now; The Heritage Trail is coming again; 7 New DSHS exhibits; Dedication of McIver Dairy 20 Mile Museum sign.

July, 2013: Art Clark Finds the Summit Hotel; Coldstream vs. Roller Pass; from the Archives of the DSHS; Then and Now; Book Review, Lingering in Tahoe's Wild Gardens; A Trip to Donner Peak, 1885; A Trip to Castle Peak, 1874; Another 20 Mile Museum Sign; Busy Busy Busy; and introducing our 2013 DSHS poster

August, '13: Sheep Industry on Donner Summit Pt I; 19th Century quotes about Summit Valley; Modern Memories of Lake Van Norden; Murder at Big Bend or a Myth Busted?; Golf course and airstrip on Donner Summit in 1930; Soda Springs, 1894 - Climbing Tinker's Knob; Tail of the Elephant book review; From the Archives of the DSHS; Then and Now; Moses Shallenberger - his story; our 2013 poster

September, '13: Crystal Harling "meets" Marianne North and their paintings; Sheep Pt. II; Cute Story about a sheep dog and little girl - 1946; Renovations in Soda Springs, 1977; Sheep shack in Summit Valley; From the Archives of the DSHS; Martis Indians book review; How To make Then & Now's; Then & Now; 2nd Annual Margie Powell Hike.

October, '13: Donner Summit Sentinels - Junipers a thousands years old and more; Sheep Pt. III - the underpass; Whiskey Creek; Donner Pass - Sublime; From the Archives of the DSHS; Sierra Crossing book review; Then & Now and then a "n0w" for the future's Then & Now. And finally, bringing the DSHS into the modern age - volunteers needed.

November, '13: The Donner Pass Route of the Stephens Party; Mystery in History an old 1913 postcard; Researching the Route of the First Emigrants to Donner Summit; The Archives of the DSHS; With Gold Visions Bright Before Them, a book review; Then and Now with Art Clark

December, '13: Hannes Schroll The Red Devil of the Tyrol; Mountain Poetry Donner Summit; Local Gossip 1947; DSHS Archives; Then & Now; It's All Downhill from Here; It Wasn't Downhill from There; Movie ReviewAnd So They Were Married (1936); Book Review, From the Atlantic to the Pacific Overland (1866)

Our 20 Mile Museum is featured on the National Geographic GeouTourism Sierra Nevada map.

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