January'15 Bucking Snow (Intense Snowpowing); The Saga of a Man-Hungry Moronic Nymphomania on the Emigrant Trail in 1846 (by Marshall Fey, eminent trail historian); Wendell Robie (founder of the Auburn Ski Club) Takes to the Mike; Donner Summit Historical Snowfall; Harsh Winters; Riding the Bucker Plow 1874 and then in 1880; From the Archives of the DSHS (including The Donner Area - Your Winter Playground; Fromthe Vaults of the DSHS; Book Review - Our New West 1869;Then and Now; new history menu at the Summit Restaurant.


February '15 The Snowsheds of Donner Summit Pt I; Snowsheds, 1880; Getting to Donner Summit in the Old Days Could Be Tough Work; Snow Makes Crossing Donner Summit Difficult; Snow Shoveling Bee; From the Archives of the DSHS; Book Review - A Reliable Car and a Woman Who Knows It; Then and Now; It's Ski Season and Time for Skis - 1912

March '15 Snowsheds of Donner Summit Pt II; Sierra Train Travel, 1875; Traveling in the Snowsheds, 1884; A Trip to the top of Tunnel 6's central shaft; From the Archives of the DSHS including Donner Summit description in an 1884 tour book; Around the World by Bicycle (book review) the first trip across Donner Summit, The No. American Continent, and around the world by bicycle (1884); some old bike ads; Then and Now

April '15 Snowsheds of Donner Summit Pt. III; From the Archives of the DSHS; What's in Your Closet; History of the Donner Party; Then and Now; Bicycling Over Donner Summit
Then, a separate file since the above is 20 pages long, The April 1, '15 Supplement - Saving the Rocks in Summit Valley.

May '15: Snowsheds Pt. IV, tourist disappointment, fire, collapse; From the Archives; Then & Now; Lake of the SKy, 1915; Intriguing (you'll have to read it); The Story of a Then & Now (including Charlie Chaplin dancing at Sugar Bowl in 1925); introduing Walking Through Donner Summit History; and Chinese Builders of Gold Mountain - new video available; Tales from the Menu

June, '15: The 1914 winner of the silver cup - or it was not so easy to get over Donner Summit in the old days; Petroglyphs and Mortars Below Castle Pk.; Meaning of Petroglyphs; The Summit School; Hiking Advice from July, 1915; From the Archives; A Hero on Donner Summit; Sierra Stories Book Review; 20 Miles from a Match; Then and Now; New Exhibits at the DSHS; Have You Gotten Your Copy of Walking Through Donner Summit History? A New Brochure, A Most Scenic Byway. Also some announcements of coming events.

July, '15: Adventures in History - Death Defying Re-enactment, A Historical Re-enactment of the opening scenes of the 1925 movie Gold Rush, filmed partly at what is now Sugar Bowl; A Little Donner Summit Geology; First transcontinental telephone line (over Donner Summit) and its 100th anniversary; Other Uses for Snowsheds - scenic trip in 1910; Summit map from 1880; Mark Twain Discovers Summer Snow at Cisco, 1868; Fromt the Archives of the DSHS; book review, The Record Setting Trips by Auto from Coast to Coast 1906-1916; Then and Now, Charlie Chaplin Dancing at Sugar bowl, 1925; New Museum at the State Park; Slide Shows at the DSHS; DSHS Volunteers; and then finally, a supplement, "Hiking to the Three Donner Passes" by Marshall Fey, eminent Emigrant Trail historian.

August, '15: The petroglyphs at Wabena Cr.; Chips from ad Indian Workshop (from Overland Monthly in 1873; Petroglyph pictures; Summit Valley According to Theodore Judah, 1863; Up in the Mountains, 1895; From the Archives of the Soda Springs General Store (old Donner Summit pictures); Trail of the First Wagons Over the Sierra Nevada, book review; California Straight Ahead, video with John Wayne featuring Donner Summit at one point; Then and Now; announcements.

September, '15: The Contents: Mystery Solved – the Coldstream Route Traveler’s Companion to California, 1854 Railroad Improvements, 1874 How Did Emigrants Figure the Miles? From the Archives of the DSHS Summit Valley, 1879 Donner Summit RR buildings Yuba Gap Lodge Book Reivew, Grace and Grit Then and Now with Art Clark Reprising a Visit to Warren Lake Margie Powell Hike, 2015

October, '15 George R. Stewart and Donner Pass by Don Scott, Stewart biographer George R. Stewart 20 Mile Museum sign Looking for the Ledge (in Donner Pass) From the Archives of the DSHS Cisco Grove A trip over Donner Pass by RR, 1896 Fox Farm and Haywire Ranch Book Review, Ordeal By Hunger; Then and Now with Art Clark; volunteers a the DSHS; Changes at the DSHS

November, '15 Cisco Grove circa 1913, The Wiggins Family Album; The Proof Is in the Album (another album providing documentation for a story about Hootin' Scootin'; from the Archives - Cisco in the very old days; Tahoe A Visual History, book review and Nevada Art Museum exhibition review; Then and Now; new 20 Mile sign for the Central Sierra Snowlab; and Memories of Donner Summit by Pat Malberg. Also note, separate file to download by Marshall Fey, California's Preservation of the Routes of the First Wagons.

December, '15: Snowsheds Pt VI (other uses); From the Archives of the DSHS; Christmas Memories, Norden 1952; Book Review, the Opening of the California Trail; Highway Robbery; Then and Now;