In the January Heirloom: The first locomotives over Donner Summit (did not go on tracks) The Iron Horse (1924); The Good of it All (1914 auto trip across the U.S. and Donner Pass) book review; From the Archives of the DSHS; What’s in Your Closet? Odds & Ends of Donner Summit

In the February Heirloom
: A little different issue: Scotty Allan – world famous dog team driver; the Autobiography; Scotty Allan, Character and Donner Summit; Scotty Allan, Hero; Scotty Allan Album; From the Archives of the DSHS; Odds & Ends of Donner Summit; Beyond Scary, 1932; and The King of the Dog Team Drivers, book review
In the March Heirloom: Eadweard Muybridge on Donner Summit; Wm. M. McCarthy Photo Collection from the State Archives; Alone and Awheel (Across Donner Summit in 1897); Bicycle Face; Phil Sexton and the San Mateo; From the Archives of the DSHS; Odds & Ends of Donner Summit; The Inventor and the Tycoon – book review (more on Muybridge)
In the April Heirloom: The Sword in the Stone – Donner Summit Edition; The FBI Comes to Soda Springs, 1955; And then More on the FBI Comes, 1955; Storm in the Mountains 1880; Rainbow Lodge Sales Brochure, 1951; From the DSHS Archives; The Naming of Cisco; Bud and Me book review; Odd and Ends of  Donner Summit

In the May Heirloom: The Most Historically Inspiring Square Yard in the Most Historically Significant Square Mile; Flyers Cross Continent – 1919; From the Archives of the DSHS
Book review: Best Land Under Heaven – The Donner Party in the Age of Manifest Destiny; A little article where we need some help.; Odds & Ends of Donner Summit