January, '16: Snowsheds Pt VI - apparenlty we weren't done. (An idea for Donner Summit snowsheds from Popular Mechanics, 1920).What's in Your Closet - Have History Stuff Will Travel; from the Archives of the DSHS; Winter Fun on Donner Summit, 1951-52; Book Review, Moses Schallenberger at Truckey's Lake [sic]; Then and Now; Tinker's Station, 1880; the new historymenu at the Summit Restaurant; Chinese Builders of Gold Mountain, video review; Dead of Winter, video review

February, '16: In the Old Days - getting across the tracks on Donner Summit; Armstead Snow-Motor or Snow Devil; Fire Trains; Proof is in the Album - the evidence for the cattle truck accident; Fromthe Archives of the DSHS, the Pullback on Soda Springs Ski Hill and then the other in the neighborhood; The California Trail, book review; Then and Now; Advice for emigrants, 1849.

March, '16: Women Crossed Donner Summit Too; From the Archives of the DSHS; Crofutt's New Overland Tourist Guide, 1848; reports on the Donner Party; Saving the Donner Party, book review; Then and Now.

April, '16: The Fourth Grade Tour of Donner Summit (California 4th graders study California History) but it's not just for Fourth Graders - lots of pictures; Historic Snowfall on Donner Summit; Actual 4th Graders on Tour; The MX1000 in use again; The Donner Party, Weathering the Storm, book review

May, '16: The Crampton Family Album and Crampton's Lodge; Central Sierra Snowlab and Uhlen Valley (where I-80 sits today before the freeway); From the Archives of the DSHS (first autos over the Sierra); Donner Pass and Those Who Crossed it by George R. Stewart- book review; Walking Through Donner Summit History - book review; Then and Now with Art Clark (Uhlen Valley); and one more Snow Motor or Snow Devil picture.

June, '16: Chinese Railroad Workers on Donner Summit Pt I - Introduction; The Meaning of the Transcontinental Railroad; Emigrant Views of the Sierra; Margie Powell Hike, 2016; Sisters’ Tour Coming to Donner Summit (centennial of the Van Buren sisters’ 2016 cross country motorcycle tour); New DSHS website; From the DSHS Archives (more from the Crampton Family Album); American Road book review; Then and Now with Art Clark; New 20 Mile Museum signs in place; Truckee Business Men Make Trip to Summit on Tour of Road, 1914).

July, '16: Chinese Railroad Workers on Donner Summit, Pt II - the work, life, and danger; A Rascal Killed by Chinamen (1867); From the DSHS Archives (more from the Crampton Family Album); Businesses on Donner Summit, 1949; Book Review of Storm by George R. Stewart; Then and Now with Art Clark; The Hall Question – Why didn’t the Donner Party just go back to Reno? the Margie Powell Hike, 2016; and fan mail.

August, '16: Chinese Railroad Workers on Donner Summit Pt. III - Summit Camp; Trip to Summit Camp and on the RR, 1867; Uses of Chinese Coins (not for monetary value); Summit Camp Today; From the Archives of the DSHS; Robert Louis Stevenson Crossing Donner Summit, 1879; Twisted Tails; Book Review, Indifferent Stars Above; Then & Now; Margie Powell Hike, 2016; Freedom Highway, 1956; Canadian Snowshoes; Heritage Trail, 2016; Fan Mail; Donner Party Hike October 8/9

September, '16 Chinese Railroad Workers on Donner Summit Pt. IV - Celebration for some; Chinese Railroad Workers on Donner Summit Pt. IV Celebration for some; The Triumphant Completion of the Pacific Railroad Celebration at Sacramento, 1869’; Chinese Exclusionary Act, 1882; Prejudice Continues; Don’t Trust the Sources; Visit the State Museum Archives; Archives of the DSHS; C.E. Davis and the Emigrant Trail; Behind the Scenes at the DSHS; Book Review: Snowbound! Legendary Winters of the Tahoe Sierra, Mark McLaughlin; Then and Now with Art Clark; Theodore Judah Recognized; Fan Mail; Mystery Solved; Donner Party Hike October 8/9; Reader's Query; Margie Powell Hike, 2016

October '16: Lots of pictures; Modern Reflections on the Emigrant Crossing of Donner Summit – walking through snow; The MHRT* searches for Chinese railroad workers’ camps – China Kitchen; A Tale of Two Signs – The MHRT* rescues two historic signs; What’s in Your Closet – the railroad photos of Mike Pechner
Book Review: Finding the Hidden Voices of the Chinese Railroad Workers – - an archeological and historical journey; Then and Now with Art Clark; Behind the Scenes at the DSHS

November, '16: Camp 5 and the MHRT – finding Chinese railroad workers’ camps; Turn table at Tunnel 13; Revisiting the Crampton Lodge album for the flood of November, 1950;  From the DSHS Archives – Sierra Summit Recreation Area map and text, 1936; Unique Trip on Highway 40 via matchbooks; book review, Marvels of the New West, 1888; Then and Now with Art Clark; November, 1930, Donner Summit road closes for the season; Behind the Scenes at the DSHS.

December, '16: Our 100th Issue – Collector’s Edition! The Donner Party and Donner Summit Pt I;  Further Adventures of the MHRT: Transcontinental air route arrows at Donner Ski Ranch and Troy; Hilda’s Camp  - another Chinese railroad workers’ camp; The Wok that Got Us To Hilda’s Camp; New Feature: Odds & Ends of Donner Summit; Book Review: Carleton Watkins, the Complete Mammoth Photographs; Book Review: Strangers from a Different Shore; Then and Now with Art Clark; From the DSHS archives; New menu at the Summit Restaurant with Donner Summit History



*Mobile Historical Research Team

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