August '08 our first newsletter. PDF 1.2 meg - well worth the download Donner Summit in 1954

October, 2008, our second newsletter PDF - 6.6 meg - lots of pictures When there were 9 service stations on Donner Summit; two stories; our first acquisition the inspiration for our letterhead; Donner Summit in 1882

November, 2008 (4.9 meg PDF): The Winter of 1951-52, the first house in Kingvale, misc Summit history, the census of 1870

December, 2008: (6.6 meg PDF) Rainbow Bridge (building and renovation) Lincoln Hiway - lot of old pictures.

January, 09 Winter fun on Donner Summit

February 09 - Dennis Jones Summit Pioneer and the father of commercial skiing in the Sierra, the coming of the modern ski era, the first winter trip over Tioga Pass, and a book review: Truckee's Trail (11meg)

March 09 - (4.9 meg PDF) Newly donated artifacts, John Kirby Miller, first Summit ski lift? Place crashes on Donner Summit, film making on Donner Summit.

April 09 - Johnny Ellis, one of the first subdivisions on Donner Summit, the first rope tow, Dartmouth Outing Club

May, 09: Reminiscences on Lake Mary, Emigrant Trail rebuilding

June, 09: Modern research of the Emigrant Trail, the history of the Central Sierra Snowlab in Soda Springs (abridged version see below for the full version with LOTS more pictures) and was life really better in the "old days?"

June 09 Addendum: The History of the Central Sierra Snow Lab (unabridged version with LOTS more pictures than the June newsletter had. This is 8 meg however.

July, 09: the longest full time resident on Donner Summit; an historical society project; the day there was no water; we've got it easy today; a review of From Donner Pass to the Pacific; and a hike on the Lincoln Highway.

August 09, what could have been.... development proposals for the Summit - and an August 15th historical society event - historical society news - the DSHS new building in downtown Soda Springs and DSHS major goal number 2

September 09, the opening celebration of DSHS in Soda Springs, we solve mysteries and leave you with questions, DSHS major goal # 2, the Sierra Hump - 16 meg

October 09: Donner Summit, 1939; State of Skiing, 1939; Sugar Bowl, 1939, 1939 ads/pictures/maps - 17 meg

November 09: Sugar Bowl's 70th anniversary continues: the first chairlift in California, the new lodge designed by an eminent architect, Bill Klein, Peter Picard, Red Rockholm, more on Hannes Schroll..... 11 meg

December 09: Sugar Bowl's first year, Sugar Bowl Scrapbook, Getting to Sugar Bowl in 1939, the last surviving founder of Sugar Bowl - Mrs. Jean R. Chickering, Sugar Bowl founders, Sugar Bowl scrapbook, The Silver Belt, Silver Belt poetry, stories, pictures, 70th anniversary of Sugar Bowl commemorative poster, and more. This is a biggy: 8.3 meg PDF

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