January 2011 Newsletter: Caricatures of the 1940's and Donner Ski Ranch; Donner Summit 1940; Brisbin Crew Joins the 20 Mile Museum; Still Looking: Sierra Skiways; old ski tickets just in case you need them; Norden News 1940

February 2011 Newsletter: Fong, Famous Snowshed Cook by Jim White, Summit Hotel Part I, a review of Indiffernt Stars, Exploredonnersummit.com, and an 1876 "Midnight Trip in a Snow Plow A Sierra Snow Train Buried in an Avalanche. A Lady Braves the Fury of the storm on the Top of the Snow Plow...."

March newsletter: Donner Summit, 1941; Skiing Fashion, 1941; Skiing, 1941; Donner Summit ads, 1941; South Bay Ski Find; George Stewart, Author of Many Genres

April Newsletter: 17 pages - Summit Hotel Pt II along with 19th century newspaper articles, Lost Horse in the Royal Gorge by Jim White including Basque tree carvings, Butterflies on the Summit by Art Shapiro (did you know 115 species visit the Summit?), Forest Gift Shop - new 20 Mile Museum sign (and other new ones for 2011), Emigrant Trails - a review and Emigrant Travelers' voices, SharingHistory.com

May Newsletter: Summit Hotel Part III (an 1875 visit); At the Summit 1890; 114 year old dies on the Summit; Summit Fish Stocking 1875, Diverting Lake Tahoe water to Soda Springs (at teaser); Emigrant Trail quote by Mose Schallenberger; Tahoe Sled Dog Derby; Lincoln Highway pictures 1915; Donner Summit, 1924

June Newsletter screen version: John Fremont's 3rd trip to California went over Donner Summit; Miscellaneous news; Another Donner Summit Historical First; Summering in the Sierra, 1874; First Topgraphical Atlas of the U.S. shows Donner Summit; Excursions to our Alps, 1870; and People in the Past Were Just Like Us - reflectionson an 1869 visit to the Summit. Version suitable for printing

July newsletter: Donner Summit, First Transcontinental Air Route 1921; new Old 40 brochure, Lake Mary benefit, Heritage Trail, Historical SocietyFounder Margie Powell passes away; Review of the Forgotten Journey - story of the Stephens Party; new displays at the DSHS; The Coming of Air Mail; Pilot's Guide over Donner Summit 1921; More on Gliders and Sled Dogs at Donner Summit 1931; A little Help Needed - easel fund.

August Newsletter: Happy Birthday DSHS; new 2011 DSHS poster; Announcements (Chaplin's Gold Rush 8/6, Lake Mary Dinner 8/19, Heritage Trail 8/6-7, Summit Pioneer Awards 8/13; movies on Donner Summit; Charlie Chaplin's Gold Rush (filmed on Donner Summit); The Rest of the Story; Summering in the Sierra Pt 2 1874; letter to the editor; trip to Donner Peak 1885; Brisbin Crew installs Petroglyph 20 Mile Museum sign

September newsletter: New 20 Mile Museum signs; the lodges of Donner Summit, Clair Tappaan, Cal Lodge, Heidelman, Hutchinson, Heritage Trail 2011; 3rd Annual Donner Pioneer Awards; Lake Mary Dinner

October newsletter: What Do We Do Now - confronting the Sierra, how to get up Donner Pass, emigrant quotes of emigrants using Donner Pass, Where Exactly Did the First Wagon Trains Go? Summit Canyon Acquisition by the Land Trust (includes the Dutch Flat Donner Lake Wagon Rd. and Lincoln Highway routes, Summit Station & Roadhouse

November newsletter: What Do We Do Now Pt II - Roller Pass, Roller Pass pictures today, Clever Idea, Roller Pass - the Math, Quotes of emigrants using Roller Pass, Finally, Summit Valley, Where Did They Go Next? Roller Pass Was a Big Improvment, Then and Now With Art Clark, Dave Hampton Finds an Axe, From the DSHS Archives, 1876 train excursion ad

December newsletter: Our name change; Cisco boat sled, UpSki or whatever found - lots of pictures; Snowshed Ferry; book review, So Rugged and So Mountainous; Then and Now with Art Clark, Unknown Pioneer's Grave; Snowsdheds winter 1874; From the DSHS archives; "The Coming of Winter"

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