In the January, ’20 Heirloom:Murder at Rainbow Tavern, 1936 “Death Dice Rolled Here”; Historical Serendipity, Hutchinson Lodge under construction and other 1924 pictures; From the Archives of the DSHS; Trip Over the Mountains, 1864; Having a Good Time, 1866; The Golden Snare filmed on Donner Summit, 1921; Trip Over Summit, 1936; Book Review, Emigrant Trails, new edition; Odds & Ends on Donner Summit – Van Norden Dam.
In the February, '20 Heirloom: What’s in Your Closet XXVI; From FaceBook to Heirloom – photographs of a 1947 trip to Donner Summit; Stanley Steam journey Over Donner Summit, 1915; Book review: Across the Continent by the Lincoln Highway; Then & Now on Donner Summit – Albert Bierstadt; Odds & Ends of Donner Summit – Charles Stanton
In the March, '20 Heirloom:Ski Advice from 1935 and Clair Tappaan origins; Crazy or What?! To Be First Over Donner Summit; Donner Summit Weather Station Collection, 1941; Video Review – Mastering of the Mountains; Victims of the Avalanche, 1865; The Golden Snare movie announcement, 1921; Trouble with the Dutch Flat Route, 1866; Odds & Ends of Donner Summit – cairn on Coldstream Pass; @the Museum - the new database and coming computer system
In the April Heirloom:Ferocious Beasts Updated; Donner Summit, winter, 1940; Iron Horse Revisited; From the archives of the DSHS; Auburn Ski Club and Wendell Robie (via book review Challenging the Mountains); Odds and Ends of Donner Summit; It Takes a Village - the Golden Snare Again.
In the May Heirloom: The Lincoln Highway, 1916; New Underpass Comes to Summit, 1914; The Fun They Mush Have Had (Clearing snow off the highway, ca. 1920); Rainbow Tavern sales brochure ca. 1952; Book Review, Anne BrigmanL A Visionary in Modern Photography (on Donner Summit ca. 1910); Odd’s & Ends of Donner Summit
In the June, 2020 Heirloom:Heroism Over Donner Summit (Stories from the first transcontinental air route); The Road is Open with lots of pictures (getting the highway open as early as possible after winter); From the Archives of the DSHS; Book Review: The Winter Army (review by Tom Burns); Behind the Scenes at the DSHS; Odds and Ends of Donner Summit; And our annual membership renewal letter
In the July, 2020 Heirloom
: Camping Donner Summit, 1873; The Central Pacific RR or ’49 and ’69 (1868); More on Airmail Over the Hump 1920’s; A Forced Landing in Sunny California  1929; Some Airmail Miscellany; From the Archives of the DSHS; Life on the Plains and Among the Diggings, book review (1854); Odds & Ends of Donner Summit
In the August Heirloom:The First Transcontinental Bicycle Race (1896, “Thrilling Night Rides of Intrepid Mountain Couriers;” Donner Summit – Magnificent  (1931); From the Archives of the DSHS; Carleton Watkins Making the West American – book review; Odds & Ends of Donner Summit; What's in Your Closet?  DSHS picture project.
In the September Heirloom:A Different Kind of Heirloom; Old Block, Alonzo Delano and his nose, among other things; The Donner Summit Bridge from California Highways, 1926; Crofutt’s Great Transcontinental RR Guide, 1869; Old Block’s Sketch Book, 1856 and contemporary reviews; Pen Knife Sketches, or Chips of the Old Block; Live Woman in the Mines, melodrama; Independence Lake visit, 1861; Then and Now with Arr Clark; Independence Lake Today; A Reader Update about Donner Summit party line phones
In the October Heirloom: Lola was famous for her temper throwing tantrums attacking servants, police, and husbands. She once drank, histrionically, poison.  She bit a policeman in New Orleans.  She used riding whips with aplomb. She had numerous husbands, both legal and not, more lovers, and even lost one overboard on the way to San Francisco. She pledged undying love to a king, which was reciprocated, and then was chased out of the country. In this issue: Lola Montez; Stories about Lola; The Spider Dance; How to get to Upper and Lower Lola Montez Lakes; From the Archives of the DSHS; Lola Montez A Life book review; la Montez Divine Eccentric – short review; Then and Now with Art Clark on Mt. Lola; and Odds & Ends of Donner Summit Crater Lake and Rhino Rock.
In the November Heirloom: Piracy on Donner Summit, a geological story of very ancient history; Visiting the Decapitation location; Visiting the Sourch of the Yuba on Donner Summit; From the Archives – Vanderford’s; A Pat Marlberg Reminiscence; Book Review: Roadside Geology of No. and Central California; Odds and Ends of Donner Summit – in case you ever want to built a Tunnel 6 of your own
In the December 2020 Heirloom: Pot Pourri – visiting new contributions related to Crampton’s Lodge (1940); Local ads from 1940; The Sierra Sentinel, 1940; Holiday Season Drawing Closer, 1940; Hutchinson Lodge, from a 1926 article; An entertaining letter from 1900 about traveling across Donner Summit; From the Archives of the DSHS; Book Review, Imperfect Union; Odds & Ends of Donner Summit; @ the Museum

Link to Norm's incomparable collection of thousands of historic Donner Summit photographs.