In the January, ’20 Heirloom:Murder at Rainbow Tavern, 1936 “Death Dice Rolled Here”; Historical Serendipity, Hutchinson Lodge under construction and other 1924 pictures; From the Archives of the DSHS; Trip Over the Mountains, 1864; Having a Good Time, 1866; The Golden Snare filmed on Donner Summit, 1921; Trip Over Summit, 1936; Book Review, Emigrant Trails, new edition; Odds & Ends on Donner Summit – Van Norden Dam.
In the February, '20 Heirloom: What’s in Your Closet XXVI; From FaceBook to Heirloom – photographs of a 1947 trip to Donner Summit; Stanley Steam journey Over Donner Summit, 1915; Book review: Across the Continent by the Lincoln Highway; Then & Now on Donner Summit – Albert Bierstadt; Odds & Ends of Donner Summit – Charles Stanton
In the March, '20 Heirloom:Ski Advice from 1935 and Clair Tappaan origins; Crazy or What?! To Be First Over Donner Summit; Donner Summit Weather Station Collection, 1941; Video Review – Mastering of the Mountains; Victims of the Avalanche, 1865; The Golden Snare movie announcement, 1921; Trouble with the Dutch Flat Route, 1866; Odds & Ends of Donner Summit – cairn on Coldstream Pass; @the Museum - the new database and coming computer system
In the April Heirloom: Ferocious Beasts Updated; Donner Summit, winter, 1940 ;I ron Horse Revisited; From the archives of the DSHS; Auburn Ski Club and Wendell Robie (via book review Challenging the Mountains); Odds and Ends of Donner Summit
In the May Heirloom: The Lincoln Highway, 1916; New Underpass Comes to Summit, 1914; The Fun They Mush Have Had (Clearing snow off the highway, ca. 1920); Rainbow Tavern sales brochure ca. 1952; Book Review, Anne BrigmanL A Visionary in Modern Photography (on Donner Summit ca. 1910); Odd’s & Ends of Donner Summit
In the June, 2020 Heirloom: Heroism Over Donner Summit (Stories from the first transcontinental air route); The Road is Open with lots of pictures (getting the highway open as early as possible after winter); From the Archives of the DSHS; Book Review: The Winter Army (review by Tom Burns); Behind the Scenes at the DSHS; Odds and Ends of Donner Summit; And our annual membership renewal letter

In the July, 2020 Heirloom
: Camping Donner Summit, 1873; The Central Pacific RR or ’49 and ’69 (1868); More on Airmail Over the Hump 1920’s; A Forced Landing in Sunny California  1929; Some Airmail Miscellany; From the Archives of the DSHS; Life on the Plains and Among the Diggings, book review (1854); Odds & Ends of Donner Summit