In the January, ’19 Heirloom “One Picture…” cont’d from last month (pictures of Donner Summit); A Happy Story  Part II; From the Archives of the DSHS ; Winter Experiences in the Old Days by Pat Malberg; Advice for Winter Driving for 1931; Survival at Boiler Point book review; New 20 Mile Museum sign; Odds & Ends on Donner Summit
In the February, '19 Heirloom: The Story of “B” and his crossing of the Donner Summit in 1867 The Oakland Ski Club and Memories of a Time Gone By on Donner Summmit – lots of pictures and text; Reminiscences from the Oakland Ski Club; From the Archives of the DSHS; Sage and Sierra – book review by Chuck Oldenburg; In Police Court Circles – last month’s game warden Mandeville; Odds & Ends of Donner Summit
In the March, '19 Heirloom: The Sesquicentennial of the transcontinental railroad PT I; Exploring the Path of Chinese RR Workers; The Donner Summit Underpass/Subway, 1914; We Are in the Sierra Nevada, 1878; From the Archives of the DSHS; Newly in the Archives Book Review: 30 Years Over Donner Odds & Ends of Donner Summti and a correction.
In the April 1 Heirloom Time Travel Puzzle; The Sesquicentennial Is Coming Pt II; Sesquicentennial; Calendar of Events; Heroes of the Transcontinental Railroad; Serendipity and the Lincoln Highway on Donner Summit; What’s in Your Closet?; From the Archives of the DSHS; Race to Promontory – book review; Marin Ski Club; Odds & Ends of Donner Summit
In the May, '19 Heirloom: Say It Ain’t So.. Catfish; Sesquicentennial is Coming Pt III What the Railroad Meant; Walking the Old Lincoln Highway on Donner Summit (Big Bend, Summit Canyon, Eagle Lakes) (many pictures and a special bonus); From the Archives of the DSHS; Book Review – California Pictures in Prose and Verse, 1878; Odds & Ends of Donner Summit