Art Clark has been exploring the Sierra for decades. He skis and hikes the Sierra looking for old ski trails and interesting sights. In Summers he's taken to searching for the sites photographers in the old days photographed and making his own pictures showing the changes over time, like the one here. The he carefully runs the two versions, then and now, through his software to make an animation.

Here we have two views of the Lincoln Highway between Rainbow and Cisco Grove. The top view was taken in the 1910's on the Lincoln Highway or Dutch Flat Wagon Rd.  The Yuba River is to the right.  The bottom view was taken in the same place in 2011. The old Lincoln Highway route can still be walked in places but here the freeway, built in phases in the early 1960's interrupts.

Click on any of the links on the Then & Now page or the Then & Now Scenery Page. to see Art's Then and Now's. As they open up you will see the animation as yesterday morphs into today. Many of them are from photogrphs taken to document the building of the Central Pacfic Railroad by Carleton Watkins or Alfred A. Hart in about 1867.

The diffference between the two pages, Then & Now and Then & Now Scenery is that the ones on the "Scenery" page generally show no man-made objects. The Then & Now page shows man-made changes over time.