Have You Seen Me?

Back in the 1930's, trail signs like these were placed in parts of the Tahoe National Forest to mark ski routes. Time, weather, logging and fires have taken their toll, and there aren't many left. Remaining signs have been found above Loch Leven, Nancy Lake, Huysinck Lake and Castle Pass. If you remember seeing signs like these, let us know about them. We would like to locate and preserve the original routes. Even if you don't know the exact location, your information will help.

The map below shows some of the signs (blue dots) found so far. This link will take you to a PDF 1936 Forest Service Recreation map showing a winter ski trail (and the reverse). Here's a link to three pages of the signs Art Clark has found as of 2010. It's a 650k PDF.

Read Art's article for the Historical Society newsletter and see some 1940's newspaper articles.

Art Clark
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