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The Following are just a few good book sources, in addition to this website, to help you satisfy your curiosity about Donner Summit. Below, you will see web sources. See also our book review page for lots of reviewed book about Donner Summit.
links and sources
Across the Plains in the Donner Party - Murphy Emigrant Trail Map and Emigrant Advice, 1849
Ancient Rock Carvings of the Centra Sierra - Gortner
Diary of a Forty Niner - Canfield
What I Saw in California - Bryant - an 1949 visitor's experiences
History of the Donner Party - McGlashan
The World Rushed In - Holliday
Assembling California - McFee - this is the geologic history of California
Lost Sierra Gold Ghosts and Skis - Berry - stories
High Road to Promintory - Kraus transcontinental railroad
To Donner Pass from the Pacific - Duncan - about old Highway 40
Trail of the First Wagons Across the Sierra - Grayson
Winter of Entrapment - King - the Donner Party
Gold, Guns, and Gallantry - McLeod - stories
Distant Voices Distand Drums - McLeod - stories
Truckee Trails - Durkin - guide to hiking trails in the area
Donner Summit, A Brief History - Powell
Truckee's Trail - Hayes fictionalized account of the Stephens Party 1844
see our review in the 2/09 newsletter
Hitler's Last Soldier in America see our review 2
Web resources
U.C. Berkeley Bancroft Library - lots of pictures if you type Donner Summit into the search window
California Ski Library about John Fremont's explorations over the Sierra containing fascinating information and research - primary sources: train tour guides, old maps, Placer County History, 19th century book on CD, etc. Highly recommended.
Trails West marks and researches the emigrant trail
Some great Donner Summit Historical Pictures
Westerlyl Journeys by Marilou Ficklin (Donner Party, Stephens Party, Transc. RR)
Guides to the Lincoln Highway 1915 & 1924 Lincoln Highway Association
Lincoln Highway, California Vol. 6 California Lincoln Highway m aps and route
Old Highway 40 Information-route 40 . net  
Lingering in Tahoe's Wild Gardens - Carville wild flowers and hikes