Margie Powell Illustrated* Hikes, 2018
August 11 & 12
9:30 AM each day

Margie Powell was the inspiration for the Donner Summit Historical Society.  She was also the energy behind the founding.  In her memory we’ve held annual Margie Powell hikes in August.

Our hikes have gone down Summit Canyon, up to Roller Pass, around Van Norden, and around Serene Lakes.

On this, our seventh year, we're going to tour mostly on the north side of Old Highway 40, Donner Pass Rd. Of course the walk will be illustrated with dozens of historic photographs and lots of stories.

This year will be very ambitious for the number of stories to tell. We’ll be starting at the Donner Ski Ranch parking lot and talking about Tunnel 6, the Summit Hotel and the railroad facilities right there. Then we’ll cross Donner Pass Rd. and talk about Sierra Junipers, the transcontinental air route (and the remains of the weather station buildings where there is a GREAT view), the Catfish Pond or Maiden’s Retreat (above), the idea that the north side of Old 40 was the Emigrant Trail and possible proof, the recent report of cadaver dogs and Donner Party, down and around to Old 40, Donner Pass Rd. to see a possible entry for wagons up to the top, back along the PCT to the Sugar Bowl Academy building to visit our newest 20 Mile Museum signs and see the "best square yard" in the "most historically significant square mile" in California.

Do not consider going on this hike unless you are nimble because there are parts where we’ll have to scramble over some rocks since there is no trail.

The dates: August 11,12 9:30 AM each day. Meet at the Donner Ski Ranch parking lot.

*meaning lots of pictures

Bring Hat, good shoes, sunscreen, water, camera, lunch, curiosity.