From the Introduction:

The Sierra is a great barrier and there are only a few passes through the great barrier to connect California with the rest of the country. One of those passes is Donner Pass, the area colloquially known as Donner Summit. Through that pass have funneled many stories – stories of heroism, adventure, excitement, pathos, courage, and tenacity. Those stories encompass the very best of the human spirit.

Couple that with Donner Summit being the most historically significant square mile in California and maybe the entire Western United States, and that most of the stories have almost been forgotten, their resurrections ought to be really interesting. They are.

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From the Back Cover:
“Ferocious Animals Are Free” (1904). “The greatest thing of its kind ever undertaken” (1896). Those partial headlines grab your attention as they should, and their forgotten stories deserve to be told, which they are here. There are lots of other good stories too that want exposure. Many of them express the very best of the human spirit: courage, tenacity, endurance, and sacrifice. There are stories of adventure and excitement, but also of pathos. Some come under the category of, “why would anyone ever even consider doing that?!” with the emphasis on the “!”. But people in the past were tougher than we are today and they did these things. Here is your entry into the very best of the human spirit and more. These crossings were extraordinary.